Preserving Our Cultures: "Tanoker?"

Monday, 24 February 2014 10:23
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Sebelum langsung bercerita, aku mau tanya nih, di antara kalian ada yang tahu tentang Tanoker? ......#hening.........zzzz........err, Even the slightest part? 

Tanoker's Event


Oke lah, karena memang banyak yang belum pernah dengar, aku mau cerita. Jujur ya, aku juga baru aja dengar tapi okelah kalau aku berbagi info ini khususnya untuk warga Jember... Just click read more to see the whole post!


*turn on to be a bit formal*

So, we do know that there are a lot of bad issues, information and news in Indonesia. Sometimes, I wonder why such a rich country has a lot of those and these problems. Even we almost forget what we've had. Our culture. I admit, I    almost whole of my life so far    forget what I have to use in Indonesia, what I have to maintain and preserve here and what I have to filtrate (i mean western culture). 

In this occasion, I'd like to tell you about my culture especially here, in Jember where I live exactly. If we talk about ethnic, most people in Jember are included to Maduranese. Talking the truth, I'm a Javanese since my parents are all from Kediri, East Java Indonesia which is having Java language as their daily language. Here, in Jember, I'd identified that most of people use Madura language. They do speak Indonesian, but most of the time they talk with their own family with Madura language. 

If we jump to the word "Madura", most of our thoughts are directly going to "Sakera" (Am I right?) But, unfortunately, before this, I really didn't have any idea about Sakera. I just know that he wears a red-white striped t-shirt and black trousers. More than that, I have nothing to explain. But today, I came to google and tried to find who he is. Apparently, he was a independence hero from Pasuruan which is not far from Jember. Just after that, an idea came to my mind. I thought that I have to post about Madura because some of us may not know about that deep about Madura. Although, we had often heard about Bali, did we?

So, back to Tanoker....

"Tanoker (pupa in Madura language) is a community in the region Ledokombo, Jember, East Java. With the motto "friendly, fun, learn, work", Tanoker is currently conducting the process of organizing the cultural approach among primary and junior high school students. The goal is to develop their characters and potentials. The members of Tanoker in general are the sons and daughters of migrant workers, farmers, motorcycle taxi drivers, drivers, small merchants, teachers, domestic helper (PRT) and housewife."

“Tanoker works hard.. gathers people from different culture to become one ..It shares and empowers each other in one living space named ..Ledokombo .. "

One of Tanoker's activities is Stilts Festival. 

Stilts Festival that is a periodical even which was started since 2010 is a creative and stay in touch event between a lot of citizens with government. In order to celebrate the 68th indepence day of Indonesia, this festival is held under the cooperation of Tanoker Ledokombo, MUSPIKA, UPTD Pendidikan, KKM (Kelompok Kerja Madrasah) and PGRI District Ledokombo. This festival has its peak in "Gerak Jalan Egrang Unik" (Unique Stilts Race Walking) that will be held on Ledokombo Field on Saturday, August 24th 2013 at 12.00 a.m. Indonesia Time.

Stilts Festival is held in order to:

  • socialize the point of creativity and balance culture, 
  • promote traditional game of Indonesia, especially Stilts Game in local, national and even international, 
  • celebrate togetherness by increasing the solidarity between many kinds of citizen
  • plant the human solidarity which was including to Glocal (Global - Local)
  • evoke the spirit and creativity of citizens in order to create "dunia egrang unik" (Unique Stilts World) in Ledokombo and Jember through many creative products, photos and paintings. We hope that this event will bring the cultures, economic welfare and social life up.

This year, Tanoker will arrange Stilts Festival IV and here is the poster! 

But before those all, have you ever heard about stilts? comes again, I'll expose what it is..

Eggrang/ Egrang game emerged in the early 1960s in one of Indonesia's cities, Tangerang, West Java. Egrang origianlly appeared as an accompanist traditional music of West Java. But, in its developing history, egrang emerged in different regions with different names such as: Tengkak-tengkak (in West Sumatra), and we often hear stilts because of people's comparing result with long legged bird (ostrich). Stilts itself comes from Lampung language which means sandals made of bamboo beheaded a long around. In the language of Banjar in South Kalimanan, egrang/stilts is called as Batungkau. Well, we live in East Java and we call it as egrang.


Stilts are made simple by using two bamboo sticks (even wood is okay, but egrang is too related with bamboo) in length each about 2 metres. We do stick some other pieces of bamboo and there it is...

More or less, egrang is looked like this!

And here are the photos of the previous Stilts Festival....

The race began with a parade around the District Ledokombo. Fun on the children who participated in their face was clearly defined. How did they walk on enggrang difficulties combined with their unique costume served enough entertainment and excitement of watching people.

Interested to join? Just contact the source link of tanoker! Let's preserve our cultures, guys. :)


...mempertemukan manusia - manusia dari berbagai kebudayaan... untuk bersatu, berbagi dan saling menguatkan dalam suatu ruang hidup bernama Ledokombo

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