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Monday, 24 February 2014 10:03
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Although universal access to education is the goal in Indonesia there are challenges to achieving this goal.  The government funds public and religious schools, but there are fees that families assume including uniforms, some books and supplies.  This cost is too high for some families; particularly those  who are working abroad with children still in Indonesia.  The Tanoker Center seeks to provide an educational setting for kids who do not attend a traditional school.  Students from University working toward teaching degrees assist on the weekend and the center offers creative activities that tap into the talents and passions of the students while teaching core skill sets simultaneously.  

The day we visited was special because the finalists for the Miss and Mr. Jember were in attendance.  This is a competition based on a host of criteria including communication skills, general knowledge and poise.  Winners work promoting the community.

The grounds were lovely.  There is a small pool for cooling off and we were told that students who finish their reading are allowed to take a plunge.  In this heat that is some strong motivation.

The dancing at this center included stilts.  We were interviewed by students, as well as the local press.




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